Building a High-Performance Organization & Instilling a Culture of Service Excellence

Businesses that focus on their performance and overall organisational health are typically more successful, deliver better financial results, and experience higher client satisfaction ratings with increased employee engagement and retention levels.

Transforming how an organisation organization operates is rarely done well and outside expertise is often required. NavPoint’s team of seasoned change management consultants, business architects, and business transformation consultants have the know-how and proven experience to ensure your organisation succeeds.

NavPoint’s Integrated Business Methodology is used to guide the organisation as it devises change strategies, roadmaps and plans to assess the “as is” and drive towards future state. This, combined with our Organisational Change Management offering, enables Leaders to engage their employees and key stakeholders in the change to drive operational excellence and create a high-performance culture.


We help organisations manage the people side of change.  

We work with clients to…

  • Ensure leaders, employees, partners and customers understand the case for change and the vision for the future
  • Build strategies and plans to ensure the organisation, its employees, and customers are ready to adopt the changes and operate in the new environment
  • Assess the impacts and readiness of the organisation to change
  • Design and deploy a streamlined organisational model and empower the workforce with new roles, skills, competencies, and capacity aligned to the new business reality and to deliver business success
  • Apply industry leading practices to develop career management frameworks, including developing career streams and career paths, along with job profiles and job descriptions
  • Tailor the Learning Curriculum to meet the future needs of the organisation
  • Design, develop and deliver training through a variety of media, as well as provide coaching support and mentoring to transition the workforce

We help organisations leverage Agile to manage programs and projects.

We work with clients to…

    • Apply Agile Program and Project Management techniques to govern multiple change initiatives and technology projects, to ensure deployments are orchestrated, scheduled and managed with a view to mitigating risks and maximizing business benefits

    • Effectively manage projects and initiatives within budget, scope, and timelines

We help organisations maintain a focus on Customer Care and Service Excellence. 

We work with clients to…

  • Develop and understand the customer journey map, which represents a snapshot of their pain points in the end-to-end customer experience
  • Define both the Target Operating Model and Product Delivery Model and to set goals, standards and processes for customer care
  • Determine how their customer inquiries are triaged and serviced
  • Set expectations for customer care and service excellence, by communicating targets broadly within the organisation and by providing exceptional training, which helps drive a culture of service excellence and increased customer satisfaction


NavPoint Integrates Key Services To Help Our Clients Build a High-Performance Organisation and Instill a Culture of Service Excellence

  • Change Management and engagement strategies and plans
  • Change plan co-creation and implementation
  • Leadership alignment
  • Change Agent Network kick off and maintenance
  • Stakeholder identification, assessment and prioritisation
  • Change Readiness, Change Acceptance and Change Adoption surveys, analysis and recommendations
  • Change impact assessment and frameworks
  • Communication plans and activities – internal and external stakeholders
  • Coaching and mentoring leaders and managers to manage change
  • Design and implement workforce management model
  • Role development and job descriptions
  • Competency models, succession planning and career pathing
  • Learning curriculum design and training requirements
  • Training design, development and delivery; coaching and mentoring
  • Training logistics, including training evaluation
  • Business process training
  • Organisational structure design; design, develop and implement roles, structures, and performance
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer segmentation
  • Target Operating Model and Product Delivery Model development
  • Customer Relationship Management



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