Embracing the Digital Economy

The world is speeding up. Data and information holdings are growing exponentially. Business challenges and security threats are increasing. Technology modernisation is eating up record investments. Clients, stakeholders and regulatory requirements are increasingly more demanding.

In this complex digital economy and rapidly evolving business environment, NavPoint’s Secure Digital Business Transformation promises success and big rewards from bold strategies, sound investments and prioritized initiatives. NavPoint helps its clients thrive in the digital economy.

NavPoint’s Secure Digital Business Transformation offering enables our clients evolve all aspects of their business in an integrated, agile and secure manner. We help our clients manage these investments, so they reap the rewards of an effective digital ecosystem.



We help organisations realise the benefits of digital business.

We work with clients to…

  • Define the value of a digital transformation and prioritise, plan and implement secure digital business capabilities that enable high-performance business operations
  • Securely leverage data and information assets while reengineering business processes
  • Minimise risks, optimise the benefits of digital transformational change, and achieve the desired return on investment
  • Develop the case for change, the imperatives and expected benefits of the investment, and an action plan to improve Secure Digital Business transformation
  • Build the business transformation roadmap, define the investment requirements, and lay out the interdependencies and timelines
  • Map the program of transformational change to strategic priorities, investments and initiatives to establish the overall change journey

We help organisations manage the people side of change

We work with clients to…

  • Move employees, partners and customers up the change curve, ensuring the organisation is ready to adopt the change and operate in a digital environment with new tools, processes, policies and procedures
  • Establish a streamlined organisation and empowered workforce with the right roles, skills, competencies and capacity aligned to the digital economy, able to deliver business success

We help organisations manage the transformation via Agile Program and Project Management.

We work with clients to…

    • Ensure the sound governance of the various change initiatives and technology projects and that their deployments are orchestrated, scheduled and managed with a view to mitigating risks and maximizing the business benefits

    • Manage projects and initiatives effectively and within budget, scope, and timelines, using Agile methodologies

    • Utilise enterprise-wide resources to manage the program of change and regularly report on progress and results of implementation

We help organisations securely manage their data and information ecosystem. 

We work with clients to…

  • Identify data and information requirements needed for business operations, and securely align processes, workflows, technology and competencies to business decisions
  • Evolve a comprehensive risk and threat assessment and mitigation capability that spans all elements and areas of business operations, from customer interactions to internal operations, external service providers and partner collaboration


NavPoint Integrates Key Services To Help Our Clients Deliver Secure Digital Business Transformation Success

  • Digital business improvement opportunities, models and case for change definition
  • Digital business transformation program of change, investments and roadmap development
  • Business transformation benefits realization definition and approach
  • Program governance, risk mitigation and management
  • Technology modernisation requirements, initiatives and plan development
  • Business, technology and information architecture
  • Agile Program and Project Management and solution deployment
  • Cloud services management and implementation
  • Business process reengineering, data and information management
  • Digital security capability maturity and improvements
  • Stakeholder analysis, engagement and communication
  • Training and learning strategy, design, development, delivery and management
  • Partnerships and third-party providers contribution and management
  • Transition to digital business secure operations and performance management


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